Most useful kubectl Command for Kubernetes Administrator or Developer

Kubectl is a command line tool which is use to manage Kubernetes clusters. Using kubectl tool, Administrator or Developer can perform day to day operations of container and cluster management. Such as; configuration change to a resource; attach Kubernetes to a running container; access container logs; and run a specified docker image on your cluster. […]

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How to undo the last push in Git and revert a Git merge that hasn’t been migrated yet

Let’s assumed you made a push, but now you need to revert this last push due to an error.How to do it correctly? Master branch This is usally happens when we works in git environment and need to undo the last push in Git. There are many commands that can be used to revert a Git […]

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PowerShell script to get all Azure VM status in multiple subscriptions

In this article, I will show you a simple powershell script to get all azure VM status in multiple subscriptions quickly. Sometime we need the status of the virtual machines which are running in multiple subscriptions like Dev, Prod. Even you can check status on Azure portal itself but it is bit difficult to pull […]

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Passing Secrets to a Docker Container

I have a base docker image which is used to run image analysis software. For each container created from an image, there is a set of configuration options, some of which are secrets (encryption keys, client information, etc.) that are used by the software to analyze and distribute the processed images.  How can I securely pass […]

How to Install PowerShell on Ubuntu 20.04

In this article, I will explain How to install Powershell on Ubuntu 20.04. Ideally PowerShell package doesn’t come as default in Ubuntu Operating System. As PowerShell is a powerful scripting language for system administration or DevOps Engineer. You can write very simple or complex scripts using PowerShell to automate your daily manual tasks. Below are […]