I not too long ago acquired a PuTTY personal key despatched to me that I want to make use of to log right into a distant server. However, I run OpenSSH, not PuTTY. Let’s have a look at what I did subsequent to do my task-

First steps to transform the PuTTY personal key to an OpenSSH personal & public key. So let’s attempt now.

Set up puttygen

To put in puttygen, you need to run following command on Linux distro’s or Mac.

For Linux:

$ apt-get set up putty-tools
$ yum set up putty

On Mac:

$ brew set up putty

On Mac, I got into the error that PuTTY isn’t suitable with pssh, so I needed to run brew unlink pssh first.

Now you have got a utility puttygen accessible in your machine. Let transfer on subsequent steps.

Changing the personal key from PuTTY to OpenSSH

Along with your personal key, now run the next instructions.

$ puttygen putty.ppk -O private-openssh -o ~/.ssh/id_putty
$ puttygen putty.ppk -O public-openssh -o ~/.ssh/id_putty.pub
$ chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/id_putty
$ chmod 0666 ~/.ssh/id_putty.pub

You may put these recordsdata in your ~/.ssh folder to simply known as to them if you do SSH right into a machine.

$ ssh [email protected] -i ~/.ssh/id_putty

With the -i flag you move alongside the identification you wish to used to authenticate, in this case we consult with our newly created personal key.

Conclusion: On this article as we discovered “Find out how to live performance Putty personal SSH key into openssh whereas you’re in vital sysadmin actions.