Azure Service Health notifications gives current and upcoming issues such as unplanned outage, service impacting events, planned maintenance and other changes that may affect your availability. Azure offers a service to keep you notify about the health of your cloud resources.

In this article, I will describe how to set up an alert for the azure service health notifications by using Azure portal.

You will receive an alert when Azure push service health notifications to your Azure subscription. Such alerts configuration can be based on:

1- The categoris of service status messages

a) Service Issues

b) Planned maintenance

c) Health Advisories

d) Security Advisories

2- The subscription affected.

3- The service(s) affected.

4- The region (s) affected , where workloads are running


When you go to start, keep following information handy-

a) Active Subscription

b) Resource Group

c) Existing Action Groups or Create New one

So Let’s create an Alert and new action group in Azure Portal-

1– Select Service Health from the portal .

azure Portal

2– Go to Alerts section, select Health Alerts.

Health alerts

3– Now select Create Service status alert and fill in the fields.

Create service health notifications alert

4- Choose the Target subscription, Services and regions for which you want to be notified.

Alert Target_Azure Health Service notifications

5– Select the event types for which you want to receive a warning:

a) Service Issues

b) Planned maintenance

c) Health Advisories

d) Security Advisories

6-. Create a new action group by selecting Create as highlighted in below image.

Create Action Group_Azure Health Service notifications

7– Next you to do as-

a) Enter a name in the Action group name box,

b) Enter a name in the short name box . The short name is referenced in the notifications sent when this alert is triggered.

c) Select the subscription name

d) Select the resource group where you want to save the warning.

Azure Health Service notifications _Add Action Group

8– Define a list of recipients by providing the recipient within the actions field.

Recipients List

a) Name : Enter the recipient name, or ID.

b) Action type : Select any option from drop down list i.e. SMS, email, webhook, Azure app and more.

c) Details : Now enter a phone number, email address, webhook URI, and so on based on the action type chosen and click on OK

9– Next, Define your Alert details by entering a Name and Description for the alert rule, select resource group and click on “enable rule upon creation” as Yes.

Azure Health Service notifications alert

10– Finally Click on Create alert rule to create alert and enable notification.

Create alert rule

That’s all you need to do to create an alert notification. Within a few minutes, the alert will functional and starts to search logs based on the conditions we specified when creating. You can get live status of service health at

Conclusion– I hope this article will give some easy to perform steps to create azure service health notification. You can use above steps in your azure environment to configure and enable alert notifications for the selected type of resources to get notify whenever something goes wrong in azure platform.