Amazon EBS service (Elastic Block Store) provides persistent block storage for using with Amazon instances. EBS volume offering high availability and durability and also has capability to automatically replicate in its Availability Zone to protect your data from component failure.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to Create and Add EBS Volume to your existing instance i.e. Linux . So let’s explore more about how to create EBS volume.

Step 1: Create a EBS Volume:

First login to your AWS web console and navigate to AWS EC2 dashboard location and go to Volume option in left blade.

AWS Account >> EC2 Dashboard >> Volume

To create an EBS volumes of preferred size. Below screenshots will help about to go quick to option Create:

ebs quick options

Now, create a new ebs Volume, click on “Create Volume” Option and input the following details:

  • Volume Type: Standard or as you need
  • Size: As per requirement
  • Availability Zone: This should be in the same zone in which instance is running
  • Snapshot: Leave it if create fresh EBS
ebs volume

After filling all the details, just click on Yes, Create button. It will create a new EBS volume in a few sec ( depends on volume size ) and visible in your Volumes overview window with available state.

ebs volume
Step 2: Attach EBS Volume

In 1st step, we created an EBS volume, let’s attach it to instance of your choice. Follow below navigation option to find the options.

Select New Volume >> Actions Menu >> Select Attach Volume

Created volume

Now, it will show Selection box like below. Select the instance to which you need to attach.

attach volume
Step 3: Mount EBS Volume in Server

After completing 2nd step, a Now new volume will add your system. You can check in using Diskmgmt command in windows VMs.

Now to create new filesystem to newly attached EBS volume, go to disk management console and select available disk and right click on it to bring it online and initialize newly attached disk.

As we can see in below snapshots for more details-

extend disk
disk init

Once the disk will initialized with MBR format, then you have to format the disk and assign a drive letter for new volume listing as OS level. You can follow the steps as mentioned in below snapshots.

create volume
add ebs volume wizard

Once new volume wizard will finish, a new drive will be available in your vm with assigned drive letter.

disk space

Conclusion: In this article, we learned how to create EBS volume in AWS and attached them to running VM for additional space in EC2 instance. I hope this information will be helpful and relevant. You may also read this article for more details.