Agile development or the agile methodology is a method of building an application by empowering individuals and encouraging interactions, giving importance to working software, customer collaboration—using feedback for improvement in subsequent steps—and responding to change in an efficient manner.

The pace, scope and content of these tracks need to change almost simultaneously with the existing tracks. What is the solution to the variety of tasks available in the system ?

IT staff or developers can be in several tracks in an agile system. Employees have to focus on working on a target rather than learning a new topic in the middle of the task. They need to attend to tasks in an optimal time frame and manage multiple sources of change. Ideally, this requires a couple of people or even multiple people. 

Working mechanism of agile:

The following diagram help us to understand the working mechanism of agile:

What is agile model and approach in modern software development ?
Agile Flow
Benefits of agile development :

One of the most attractive benefits of agile development is continuous delivery(CD) in short terms or, in agile terms, sprints. Now, it is not a single implementation, but multiple implementations. Why? After each sprint, a version of the application with some features is ready to be displayed. It must be implemented in specific environments for demonstration and, therefore, implementation is no longer a unique activity.

Finally, in an agile system it is desirable that at least one person is always present for every new task.

Agile workflow :

The total number of tasks in an agile workflow can be estimated as follows. Assume that the total time for a task is split into the following parts.

  • Task Description
  • Rationale Interpret
  • Measure Resources Project
  • Root Application Activities
  • Execution Task
  • Data Commitments Task
  • Related Events
  • Deprecation Summary

In this case, traditional manual deployment processes act as speed barriers for incremental deployments. Therefore, it is necessary to change other processes along with changing the application development methodology. One key can’t be used for all locks; similarly, the waterfall model is not suitable for all projects.

We need to understand that agile is customer focused and feedback is vital. Changes happen based on customer feedback, and release cycles may increase.

Agile Example:

Just take an a scenario where inputs are high but input processing is slow…..Consider an example of a mobile company where one department prepares mobile and another department works on final touches and packaging. What would happen if the packaging process were slow and inefficient? Mobile would pile up in the packaging department. Now let’s add a twist to this situation. What if the mobile-making department brings new machines and improves the process of making mobile? Let’s say it makes the mobile-making process two to three times faster. Imagine the state of the packaging department.

Similarly, cloud computing and DevOps have gained momentum, which increases the speed of delivery and improves the quality of the end product.


The agile approach of application development, improvement in technology, and disruptive innovations and approaches have created a gap between development and operations teams, undermining work flows.