Business difficulties of a challenging data migration project and to keep teams quiet for better work, DevOps has developed as a movement to facilitate software development and its implementation, while improving reliability and increasing security used to be.

Although combining teams is hardly seamless, when done successfully, DevOps delivers significant benefits to businesses whether large or small.

what is devops
DevOps Insight

Let’s say, from a policy perspective, you may want to set up a single sign-on, create a remote access policy, create SSH security rules, or any other requirement that is implemented into a DevOps/SSO scenario. You may want to implement a ticketing system, follow up requests from users, deploy an internal messaging system, or anything else that you decide to do.

So if you want to open up, start fresh, or try out a new solution, you don’t have to be scared about the “if X fails” mentality.

One thing I like to do is make sure everything I use has a test, so if it breaks I know it’s going to happen. Once you feel confident about an approach, it’s time to actually implement it.

A few tests are always a good idea. The more tests, the better.

Here’s the list of things I typically test:

  • Structural/Conventional Implementation (Small Unit Tests)
  • API Handling
  • Testing Repositories and NoSQL Database (Docs, code, basic set of examples)
  • Web/Auth/Storage Servers
  • Data Models
  • Evaluating the application’s overall performance

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